Video: DIY-er modifies Nissan Leaf for faster charging

Nissan Leaf - Click above to maybe watch the video after the jump

Modifying a battery-powered car risks voiding the vehicle's warranty, damaging vital components, catastrophic vehicle failure and possibly even electrocution. With that disclaimer out of the way, one DIY-er set out to hack the Nissan Leaf's standard 110-volt (Level 1) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) into something a bit more to his liking.

The goal was simple; to modify the Leaf's portable Level 1 unit to support 220-240-volt (Level 2) charging. By doing so, the Leaf could, at least in theory, be charged up by plugging the cord into any standard 110-volt or 240-volt outlet, eliminating the need for Level 2 charging stations. In addition, this modification apparently allows the Leaf to be charged at Level 2 speeds via the hacked Level 1 EVSE.

While we don't condone modifications of this nature, there's certainly no harm in hopping the jump to try and watch one DIY-er hack a Level 1 EVSE to charge the Leaf. The video worked earlier but may be down. If so, then you can see pictures of the project over on MyNissanLeaf.

[Source: YouTube]

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