Report: House votes 'overwhelmingly' to block E15 fuel

According to The Detroit News, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to block the Environmental Protection Agency from moving toward a higher blend of ethanol in America's gasoline. Representatives voted 286-135 against allowing the EPA to issue a waiver that would allow gas stations to sell E15. Currently, fueling stations are only allowed to sell E10, which contains up to 10 percent of the biofuel. The new legislation would allow a 50-percent increase in the amount of ethanol sold in each gallon of gasoline. Representative John Sullivan (R-Oklahoma) attached an amendment to the bill to provide funding for the U.S. government through September, effectively killing the legislation.
While The Renewable Fuels Association criticized the decision to stop the E15 waiver, several groups were thoroughly against the increase in ethanol. Those include everyone from the Specialty Equipment Market Association to the American Bakers Association.

The EPA has already approved E15 for vehicles made after 2001, but some groups worry that a higher blend across the board could wind up corroding older engines. Meanwhile, proponents of the increase claim that larger ethanol quantities will help lower America's dependence on foreign oil.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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