Dallara to build its own carbon fiber sports car?

Italian chassis manufacturer Dallara has built countless racing cars for teams in innumerable racing series, and with the KTM X-Bow on the road and the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA reportedly under development, Dallara has done likewise for automakers. New rumors suggest that Dallara is ready to move beyond helping other outfits develop cars, however.

Word is, Dallara is planning a two-seat sports car to be sold under its own name that's built on architecture similar to what it developed for the X-Bow and Alfa 4C. With carbon-fiber construction and a low curb weight, it would be targeted at the Lotus Elise but come closer in spirit to the original Lotus Seven. In other words, Lotus had better pay attention.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish]

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