Debuted and demoed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the Comodo Console turns your ordinary car into a mobile tech sanctuary. The Israeli company is marketing the system as a package, with a monthly fee taking care of hardware, software and wireless data to run and maintain the dash-mounted unit.

The Comodo system comes packing an attractive 4.3-inch touchscreen attached to a rotatable stand, along with a USB modem, Bluetooth transmitter, backup camera, GPS antenna, microphone and integrated speaker. When sales begin later this year, Comodo claims there will be a library of over 100 applications and services, with even more coming down the pike once third-party developers are invited to the party. Comodo has also been in talks with a handful of entertainment companies about cloud-based music services that stream directly to each of these units. The best part is the complete cost will be around the same as your monthly mobile data plan, and that all of these services will be included in one flat fee. Comodo understands that the unit will only be used for short periods of time throughout the day when the users are traveling, so it won't be able to nickel and dime users for extra services. Want one? Well, you can't unless you live in Israel, but Comodo is working on plans for international distribution.

[Source: Comodo Console via CNET]

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