Report: Long-wheelbase Porsche Panamera coming in 2012

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Is Porsche getting ready for Extenzify its Panamera sedan? According to Autoweek, the German automaker is currently developing a long-wheelbase Panamera for the North American and Chinese market to satiate demand for increased rear legroom.

The report states that Porsche is planning to increase the currrent 115-inch wheelbase by five inches, bringing the long-wheelbase Panamera out to – carry the one... – 120 inches. This means larger rear doors and a larger rear entryway will be fitted, making ingress and egress an easier task.

There has always been talk of further Panamera variations, which include a possible shooting-brake and four-passenger convertible. Anything other than the standard and long-wheelbase sedans have been put on hold until the Panamera enters a second generation around 2015.

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