Monster iMotion makes you a music Jedi

Twelve-volt car chargers are a dime a dozen, so Monster thought it was a prime space to innovate. The result is the absurdly-named iMotion CarPlay 3000, which allows you to play, pause and skip tracks on your iPod – without touching a thing.

The iMotion is comprised of the usual kit – a torpedo plug to insert into the cigarette socket, a 3.5mm audio jack and Apple's 30-pin connector – but on the back of the power unit is a sensor that detects hand movements. Swipe to the right to skip a track, swipe left to go back and hold your hand up to pause the music, then repeat to keep pumping the jams. Get more details in the press blast below, but beware, this is Monster, so the price of admission is an unreasonably steep $120. For something simpler – and far cheaper – check out the Gesture Music Player for the iPhone and iPod touch.

[Source: Monster via CNET]

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Revolutionary "Hand Motion Control" Charger, Super Compact Universal Chargers and New AirTalk Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit; Better Performance, Construction and Features, --

Las Vegas, NV, January 5, 2011 - Monster®, the leading manufacturer of advanced power solutions and consumer electronics accessories, is making the open road more convenient, music-friendly and even safer with a line of breakthrough new products under the Monster Mobile® brand that meet the needs of the fast-growing Apple® iPod®, iPhone™ and iPad,™ Android SmartPhone, Blackberry and mobile phone accessories categories. One of the company's most innovative new charging devices is the iMotion™ CarPlay™ Direct Connect (SRP: $119.95), which utilizes a breakthrough in-car hand motion control that allows drivers to maximize their safety and the safety of their passengers by simply waving their hands to control their iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Monster's new accessories for in-car use also include the iCable USB to Dock Connector Cable (SRP: $24.95), the Monster for Apple products iCarPlay™ Direct Connect AI 900 (SRP: $59.95) and iCarPlay™ Direct Connect AI 2000 (SRP: $69.95), as well as two advanced ultra-compact cigarette lighter adapter universal charging solutions, the dual charger PowerPlug Dual USB 700 Car Charger (SRP: $39.95), and single charger PowerPlug USB 600 Car Charger (SRP: $29.95). Rounding out the line are the iCar Dual USB 700 Car Charger (SRP: $44.95) and single charger iCar USB 600 Car Charger (SRP: $39.95), as well as the innovative new AirTalk Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit (SRP: $79.95.)

Noted the Head Monster Noel Lee: "Monster is proud to be a mobile phone, Android SmartPhone and Apple accessories leader, setting new standards for design, innovation and most importantly, the kinds of common sense features that simply make life on the road easier, more convenient, more fun and even safer! All our Monster Mobile and Monster for Apple products offer value-added features and benefits geared toward enhancing the user's SmartPhone or Apple product experiences with high performance capabilities."

iMotion™ CarPlay Direct Connect Features Revolutionary In-Car Hand Motion Control!
Monster is tackling the growing problem of in-car safety for iPod, iPhone, and iPad users with its revolutionary new iMotion™ CarPlay™ Direct Connect in-car hand motion control charging device, which features an innovative in-car hand motion control connection that maximizes safety by allowing drivers to actually use simple hand gestures to control their iPod, iPhone or iPad. The hand gesturing function allows drivers access to functions including Play/Pause and track forward/backward. Monster® in-car chargers power up iPods using a 30-pin dock connector while playing audio at the same time. The unit's heavy-duty 10-watt power output and 2.1 amps of current is ideal for power hungry devices like iPad, and the 1m auxiliary-out mini-jack cord features a direct connection to a car's auxiliary input port for superior sound and a 24k Gold 3.5mm jack for easy connection.

One Rugged, Flat Cable to Charge and Sync Apple Devices
The Monsterous design of the company's ultra-durable new Apple Compatible iCable USB to Dock Connector Cable (AI IC IPAD USB-0.8M) eliminates iPad cable confusion and allows users to charge their iPad at maximum power. The perfect replacement or extra 30 Pin Dock Connector cable, users can use it to sync and charge iPads, iPhones and iPods. The heavy duty construction stands up to constant use and travel, with a special Duraflex® Jacket that's both super strong and super flexible.

Monster for Apple: High Performance Features and Monster Style
Monster for Apple products offer high performance features and Monster style. Monster's new iCarPlay Direct Connect 900 and 2000 are sleek and stylish devices that let users charge iPods and iPhones via a 30-pin dock connector while playing audio through a mini- jack cable in their car. The iCarPlay Direct Connect 900 features a 1m auxiliary-out mini-jack cable, with direct connection for superior sound quality to cassette adapters and FM transmitters and a 24k Gold 3.5mm line out for easy vehicle connection. The iCarPlay Direct Connect 2000 adds even more auto-friendly features, such as intuitive, easy-to use interfaces, and integrated cable management for less "in-car cable clutter." The product includes a built-in iPod control that allows for track up/down, next and previous playlists. The iCarPlay Direct Connect 2000 's heavy-duty 10-watt power output for power-hungry devices like the iPad and the innovative 1m auxiliary-out mini-jack cable coils around the cable management spool to reduce in-car cable clutter.

Monster's two new advanced universal in-car CLA charging solutions, including the iCar Dual USB 700 Dual USB Car Charger and the single charger iCar USB 600 Car Charger, are ultra-compact units with low-profile designs that include Apple USB to Dock Connector cables and also allow drivers to easily charge their iPhone, iPad, iPod and other smart phones and other devices. Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of other USB devices, and the heavy-duty 10-watt power output is ideal for all power hungry devices. Another convenient feature includes a Power Status lighting indicators to show that the compact car chargers are operational or ready to be used, even in the Dual USB iCar USB 700 product! SmartFuse™ Power protection is included to ensure the safety of all connected devices.

More Choice in Universal In-Car Charging
Monster also offers two similar universal in-car CLA charging solutions for the Mobile customer beyond Apple products that include the PowerPlug Dual USB 700 Car Charger and the single charger PowerPlug USB 600 Car Charger. Similar in appearance and performance to iCar USB products but without the Apple USB to Dock Connector cable, these car chargers also allow drivers to easily charge their Blackberry, iPhone, Smart Phones, iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPod, MP3 Players, Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth Accessories, Cell phones and PDAs and other devices.

AirTalk Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit: Perfect for On-the-Road Calls
With more and more states implementing or considering laws against cell phone dialing or texting while driving, Monster is doing its part to make the open road safer and more "hands-free" with its new AirTalk Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit. The all-in-one solution lets drivers enjoy exceptional audio from an unobtrusive compact Bluetooth car speakerphone, without taking their hands off the wheel! The compact, ultra-slim sun visor-mounted car kit utilizes advanced Bluetooth wireless technology 2.1, and thanks to Monster DSP, the AirTalk Bluetooth Car Kit delivers best-in-class echo cancellation, noise, and wind reduction for superior audio performance. Ideal for consumers who are seeking a convenient, hands-free solution in their cars, the kit's premium sun visor clip ensures clear conversations at both ends of a call and out-of-the-way storage. With its rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and more than 24 hours of talk time and 2 months of standby time, it's the ideal solution for crystal clear for hands-free calls, speaker phone, or conference calls.

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