Watch This: BMW's 'Wherever You Want To Go: The New City'

Here at Translogic, we're all about mobility. It doesn't matter if it has two wheels or ten, gets power from gasoline or electricity, or comes in the form of a car, a van, a train or a single-seat, mag-lev bubble. So when word came that BMW was putting together a documentary about the future of transportation, we were excited at the prospects.

The first installment of Wherever You Want to Go hit the Net today and rather than focus on a specific form of transportation, Part One is all about where we live and how we get around. The New City kicks off with none other than astronaut Buzz Aldrin and includes brief interviews with with a handful of thought-leaders including Treehugger founder Graham Hill and Google's VP of Consumer Products Marissa Mayer. The first episode of the four-part series is more about setting the tone and it's posted below for your viewing enjoyment.

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