Car Salesman Fired For Wearing Green Bay Packers Tie

Employee was Wearing Tie out of Respect for his Grandmother

A Chicago-area car salesman was fired for sporting a Green Bay Packers tie at work, Chicago's and the Chicago Tribune report.

According to John Stone, the unfortunate victim in this bizarre story, he wore the tie out of respect for his 91-year-old grandmother, a devout Packers fan who had passed away just two days before the team's NFC Championship game against the Chicago Bears.

"I didn't know you could get fired for wearing a tie," said Stone to the Chicago Tribune. "I'm supposed to dress up. I'm a car salesman."

The Chicago Tribune reports that when Stone arrived at Webb Chevrolet, the dealership where he worked, manager Jerry Roberts called him into his office and threatened to fire him unless he took off the tie. Thinking it was a joke, Stone simply went back to work. An hour later, however, he was called into Roberts' office and was once again ordered to take off the tie. After he refused, Stone was fired.

Roberts contends that since the dealership had recently run several promotions with the Chicago Bears, an employee showing support for another team conflicted with its interests. "I don't feel that it was appropriate for him to go directly in contrast with an advertising campaign that we spent a lot of money on," said Roberts to WGN reporter Judie Garcia.

According to, Roberts was also concerned about putting off customers. But when asked if there had been any complaints about Stone's Green Bay tie, Roberts replied ""Not yet, but it was early in the day and we weren't going to give them the opportunity to do so...."

Webb Chevrolet had no comment for AOL Autos.

The whole altercation seems to have been handled in a rather sloppy manner. So we want to know: Who is in the right? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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