OnStar offering free services to Super Bowl attendees

Thousands of football fans will soon converge on Arlington, Texas for Super Bowl XLV. Those visitors will fill area hotel rooms and jam eateries and pubs. That's good news for local businesses, but thanks to impossible traffic it's a bum deal for anyone who travels through town. And since the Super Bowl also brings massively increased security, many streets will be closed so police and private security details have fewer avenues to inspect. Thank goodness for GPS, right? Not so much.

Super Bowl organizers have asked that game attendees skip the GPS in favor of the directions printed on their parking passes. That's an awfully analog process for our digital world, but owners of OnStar-equipped General Motors vehicles can still receive turn-by-turn directions. Subscribers will be have "special access" to routes and road closures relayed by specially trained OnStar advisers during the event. You won't need to have the turn-by-turn subscription package to receive this service, either; GM is providing it free of charge just for the big game. Hit the jump to peruse the official OnStar press release.

[Source: OnStar]
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Pre-determined routes to be made available to all subscribers regardless of subscription

DALLAS, Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- To alleviate confusion over road closures, Super Bowl organizers have asked fans to turn off GPS units and follow directions on their parking passes.

OnStar subscribers, however, will have special access to information on routes and road closures with a simple push of the blue button. Super Bowl organizers have provided specially trained OnStar advisors with the information they'll need to route fans straight to Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, February 6.

This service will be open to current OnStar subscribers, regardless of their subscription plan.

For more information please see the press release from the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

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