Apple makes good interfaces. Just ask BMW and Mini. They were the first automakers to take advantage of the iPod Out functionality, porting Apple's slick UI directly onto in-dash screens. Now the UK's own Mister Romin has taken it a step further, plugging his iPhone into an off-the-shelf Belkin AV dock and routing it into a Lilliput FA1042 10-inch touchscreen.

While sending video from an iPhone to an external screen isn't anything new, Romin's setup allows the second touchscreen to control iOS thanks to a clever bit of software called Centrafuse. This enables the iPhone screen to not only be mirrored onto the larger touchscreen, but things like YouTube videos utilize the entire screen with the iPhone acting as the controller. Navigation, streaming music and POI browsing are just a few of the obvious uses, and Romin is intent on getting the setup into his own car soon. Check out the – admittedly rough – demo below for a closer look and keep in mind this could work with nearly any touch-based UI.

[Source: Centrafuse via Engadget]

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