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Tesla adds ‘Teslatari’ '80s video games to center screen

Back to the future

You use controls on the steering wheel — while parked, of course

Chevrolet owners can pay for gas without leaving their cars

The partnership with Shell runs on GM's new Marketplace app

Chevrolet will introduce a new technology feature that will allow drivers to pay for gas at the pump from inside their vehicles without having to swipe a credit card or use their smartphone.

Mercedes' new 3D infotainment has AI, will take you to three-word destinations

It’s called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX, and it’ll go into new 2018 A-Class cars.

It's called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX, and it'll go into new 2018 A-Class cars.

Tesla Model 3 currently has no FM radio and no bluetooth streaming

And you use the touchscreen for everything — even the windshield wipers

You also have to use the touchscreen to adjust your windshield wipers.

Tesla Model 3 touchscreen preview: Fan creates mockup

Try the tech before testing the car

Can't wait to try that big touchscreen? Here's a sneak peak.

Watch the giant touchscreen in the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime in action

This is the biggest touchscreen Toyota has ever made.

Not quite an iPad, but more than ever before.

Tesla looking at Chrome, Android update for Model S; big Supercharger network in Germany

There's even more to digest from the Elon Musk speech in Germany video that's been making the rounds this week. Our original post mentioned the highlights of an Autobahn performance package for the Tesla Model S and Tesla CEO Musk's distaste for hydrogen fuel cells. Then we took a look at the new of

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TRANSLOGIC 138: Cadillac XTS

Cadillac is often associated with large luxury sedans of a bygone era, but the iconic American automaker calls the XTS the "most technologically advanced production car in the brand's history." We put the Cadillac XTS and its Adam Morath

MyFord Touch getting buttons and knobs back to counter criticisms

Ford deserves credit for being a front-runner in offering advanced infotainment technology with its Sync and MyFord Touch systems, but continued consumer complaints over its confusing touchscreen interface and capacitive controls has made the automaker relent.

Toyota readying Intellitouch touchpad controllers?

"Intellitouch" is the name Toyota will apparently use to refer to a new electronic control scheme it is developing. That's according to Car and Driver, which has spotted the name in a new Toyota trademark application. According to the submission, the name refers to "electronic touch sensitive controllers, sold as an

TRANSLOGIC's Guide To Geneva Motor Show 2012

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the world's most tech-forward auto shows. There are nine separate areas devoted to different types of transportation; everything from concepts and new production debuts to tuners and electric cars make their way to Switzerland's capital every March. Autoblog alone covered almost 90 new vehicles. Here are some of our favorites:

Bluetooth-equipped mirror adds GPS and, yes, games

We can see it now. A police officer pulls over a Pep Boys-customized Chevy Cavalier that's been having a hard time staying in its lane. The officer asks the driver if he's been texting. "No," he says, "Just playing Angry Birds on my rearview mirror."

MyFord Touch Fixed, Customers To Receive Update By Mail [VIDEO]

Ford has finally done it. After a troubled first year, MyFord Touch will get the upgrade we've all been waiting for. Ford says they have updated over 1000 screens. But is it enough?

Centrafuse enables 10-inch touchscreen to control your iPhone [video]

Apple makes good interfaces. Just ask BMW and Mini. They were the first automakers to take advantage of the iPod Out functionality, porting Apple's slick UI directly onto in-dash screens. Now the UK's own Mister Romin has taken it a step further, plugging his iPhone into an off-the-shelf Belkin AV dock and routing it into a Lilliput FA1042 10-inch touchscreen.

BMW: The Ultimate Selling Machine

Wow, this is pretty cool. If you happen to wander into a BMW dealer and see a huge flat-panel in the corner, it's likely not a TV on which owners can watch CNN while waiting for their Bimmer to be serviced. It's more likely one of these high-tech sales tools for the Bavarian motor company. Powered by software made by Innotive, these touch-screen information displays allow a sales consultant to point out design features and even call up comparisons to compet

Man mates Mac Mini with Toyota Prius

We've reported in the past about hacking one's Prius in the search for higher mileage, but what about what about diving into the hybrid's matrix of bits and bytes in search of a more enlightening computing experience? (In the interest of full disclosure, I'm blogging this on a Powerbook G4, have an iMac G5 in the other room and am at the mercy of no less than three iPods.)