Surprise! Wheego Whip LiFe arriving late

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Wheego Electric Cars, a U.S.-based automaker, wheeled out its highway-capable electric car, the Whip LiFe, at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in November. In late December, Wheego announced that the LiFe, a $32,995 ($25,495 after a $7,500 tax credit) electric, received EPA certification and was inching closer to delivery, which the automaker had tentatively scheduled for the end of December.

December has come and gone and reservation holders have not taken delivery of the Wheego LiFe. Wheego president Jeff Boyd said that he now expects shipments to begin on January 21st, pending final approval from the Department of Transportation. The LiFe, according to Boyd, has received the okay from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), so we'd expect to see Wheego's electric roll out soon. Additionally, Boyd claims that Wheego has tallied more than 500 confirmed orders for the LiFE and has signed agreements with 32 dealers. Furthermore, Boyd revealed that "more (orders) are being added every day."

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