Report: 1,000 UAW members to lobby on Capitol Hill this week

The United Auto Workers union is heading to Washington, D.C. to lobby lawmakers this week. According to The Detroit News, over 1,000 active and retired auto workers are headed to the nation's capitol to participate in the annual National Community Action Program Legislative Conference. The four-day event is being led by UAW President Bob King who is expected to speak on the UAW's on-going campaign to unionize plants owned by foreign manufacturers. The Detroit News article reports that King has threatened to expose manufacturers who make it difficult for worker to unionize as human rights violators in the past.
The UAW has historically been a very politically active organization. Last year, the union's political action committee spent $10.1 million. Around $1.4 million of that sizeable figure was spent on federal donations, all of which went to Democratic candidates. Surprisingly enough, the UAW spent $13.1 million on its political efforts in 2008.

King is expected to be joined by a host of other speakers the conference, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

[Source: The Detroit News]

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