Ural motorcycle sales leap 39 percent in 2010

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By most metrics, Ural serves up a portfolio that's rife with oddities of motorcycle design. You'll find no staggering technological advances on board and the company's heavy-as-a-freight-train designs won't be setting any speed records any time soon. Hell, Ural only recently began begrudgingly equipping its bikes with disk brakes in the front and an electric starter.

It should come as some surprise to hear that the company managed to grow its sales by a dizzying 39 percent in 2010. If your eyebrows aren't currently mingling with your hairline at the moment, allow us to throw in the fact that the company's products start at a shave under $10,000 with the Ural T.

That, ladies and gentlemen, ain't peanuts.

What could have possibly sent buyers scurrying to the Russian bikes? Well... we'd like to think it was our glowing near-death review of the 2010 Ural Patrol T, but you never know. Even with its huge jump in deliveries, Ural says that it was hoping to see its figures back to 2008 levels, and that would have required an additional 18 percent improvement.

Congrats, comrades. Here's wishing for an equally successful 2011.

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