Honda bringing CR-Z TS-1X concept to Tokyo Auto Salon

The 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon gets underway January 14th, and Honda a is bringing an aggressively-styled CR-Z to the party. Dubbed the Tesutosutadimoderu TS-1X, the two-seater was a standard Honda CR-Z before a set of sporty wheels, body-kit and flat-black paint scheme upped the car's threat level from wallflower to ready-for-war.

We're not going to call this body kit ugly before seeing at least a few more shots of it installed, but if we found out there's a K20 under the hood, we wouldn't be surprised to see it push straight into attack mode and sprout a sweeping red lamp up front. In any case, this won't be the last bit of craziness seen from Tokyo... stay tuned.

[Source: Honda]

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