Vista Engineering to offer cheap-ish 30-mile plug-in hybrid conversions

Let's say you own a hybrid vehicle that meets most of your driving needs. This hypothetical auto tackles the daily grind with ease, seats four or five, is reliable and gets you to-and-fro without any issues. Trouble is, you're less than thrilled with its overall gas mileage – or maybe you'd just like to extend its electric-only range (or create one). Well, Vista Engineering Technologies (VET) might have a deal for you. For less than $10,000, the company will convert your existing gas-electric auto to a plug-in hybrid with 30 miles of electric range.
VET, a Richland,WA-based firm, claims that its plug-in hybrid conversion kits, estimated to cost between $5,000 and $10,000, can transform your ride into a vehicle that relies mainly on battery power for short commutes while still having the capability to travel long distances with the assistance of the gasoline engine. VET has not provided specific info on the conversion kits, but the engineering firm claims that the 30-mile electric range results from the installation of a significantly large battery pack. If you are interested in converting your gas-electric over to a plug-in hybrid, hit up the VET site for more info.

[Source: The Spokesman Review]

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