More on Translogic 9.4 from Japan - Dekotora Art Trucks

In Translogic 9.4 we continue our tour of Japan and its unique and often creative take on transportation. This time we get an up close look at Dekotora or Japanese art trucks and discover that they're more than just lights and paint slapped on a cargo hauler – these Japanese truckers are telling a story about what they've been through with their trucks.

Each truck is highly personalized so the cost varies widely. Check out these pics from Pinktentacle for just a hint at the wide range of styles and tastes. Interiors often include touches like miniature chandeliers, plush seats, curtains and high performance audio systems. Add to that the cost of custom airbrush art work, thousands of tiny lights and lot of chrome trim and the price ranges from $20,000 to as much as $130,000 in modifications – not including the original price of the truck.

For many, the decorating takes place over a 10- or 20-year period so the expense is spread out over time. Add the cost of a moderately priced new truck and the total value of a Dekotora truck could be more than $200,000. Additionally, there's the cost of maintenance – these trucks have to be functional too. Afterall, they're for work. And to fund the next round of modifications.

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