Rumormill: Ferrari to unveil all-wheel-drive shooting brake in Geneva?

We're anticipating a new Ferrari to be unveiled in a few months time at the Geneva Motor Show, but just what form – and arguably just as vitally, what technology – the new Prancing Horse will take has been the subject of much rumor and conjecture as of late.

Based on Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo's reported pronouncement that his company is preparing "a very different new Ferrari" for the Swiss salon, initial reports speculated that a production-ready hybrid could be in the cards. But the latest reports seem to call that into question.

So if not a hybrid, what has Maranello got in store for us? Most reports point towards a replacement for the 612 Scaglietti, the company's flagship (if somewhat lackluster) four-seat GT. Others suggest a shooting brake two-door wagon, while yet others report that whatever debuts will incorporate the company's part-time all-wheel drive system, if not necessarily a hybrid drivetrain. The truth probably lies in the combination of several of these reports, if not all of them, but we'll just have to sit tight to see what will lie underneath the veil come March.

[Sources: Le Blog Auto, Eurocarblog]

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