Video: Behind the scenes of Hyundai's Pomplamoose holiday commercials

Hyundai Holidays Pomplamoose ads – click above to watch video after the jump

Have you been digging the fun takes on classic Christmas songs in the " Hyundai Holidays" commercials? Meet Pomplamoose, the musical duo that stars in a series of Hyundai commercials alongside some of the company's vehicles.

This isn't the first time Pomplamoose's unique vocal stacks and arrangements have been used in a car ad, their version of "Mr. Sandman" was used in a Toyota Avalon spot, but the Hyundai commercials are unusual for featuring Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn as prominently as the cars. In fact, the Hyundai commercials are consistent in style with the "regular" videos Pomplamoose has done. The coolest thing (besides the fun instrumentation) is that the ads were shot in the band's garage. Young Yngwie Malmsteens practicing their minor pentatonic scales now have hope of being discovered without ever leaving the house! Check out the story behind the commercials and see the spots after the jump.

[Source: Hyundai via YouTube]

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