How Jeremy Clarkson could rocket into UK politics - in spite of himself

Could Jeremy Clarkson find himself in a position of real power? Not of the MOAR variety, but rather of a political nature. If the British public gets its way, then anything is possible.
His strongest supporters have always wanted to push Clarkson into the political arena. Only now they may be able to, because the public is getting a larger say in what gets presented in Parliament. According to the UK's Telegraph, certain petitions will be turned into bills and presented to MPs if they receive enough votes.

According to the Telegraph, a previous online petition system mandated an official government response via email to anyone who signed a petition that tallied over 500 signatures. Interestingly enough, the campaign that garnered the most support was auto-related – it called for the nixing of a planned vehicle tracking and pricing scheme and received some 1.8 million signatures. A previous people's petition looking to appoint Jeremy Clarkson also garnered around 70,000 signers.

Said another way, Jezza in politics probably isn't as unlikely as it might seem. if there is enough of a groundswell movement behind putting putting the Top Gear star in office, then Clarkson could find himself in a heretofore unlikely position – even if he didn't sign the petition himself.

[Source: Telegraph]

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