Classic Mashup: 2011 Range Rover vs. 1993 Range Rover

The shape may be very similar, but the technology underpinning a modern Range Rover is light years ahead of what you will find propping up an older model. Inside Line was able to line up two examples of the Range Rover; a 1993 model and the 2011 version. The two were then put through their paces at legendary Eastnor Castle, which sits at the border of England and Wales.

Eastnor is the site where many a Land Rover has been put through difficult off-road situations. Today, the castle serves as the headquarters for the Land Rover Driving Experience and is the perfect place to find out how old and new compare with one another.

Sure, coil springs have been replaced by an adjustable platform that literally rides on a cushion of air and the engine has changed from an old Buick to one sourced from Jaguar, but how do the two off-roaders stack up when the going gets really tough? Head over to Inside Line to read all about it.

[Source: Inside Line | Image: Lee Brimble]

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