Wheego Whip LiFe receives EPA certification

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Wheego Electric Cars, a U.S.-based automaker, wheeled out its highway-capable electric car, the Whip LiFe, at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in November. With a price of $32,995 – or, only $25,495 after a $7,500 tax credit – the LiFe is a relatively cheap battery-powered ride and, now that it's EPA-certified, Wheego's electric is one step closer to landing in the driveways of reservation holders.

Yesterday, Wheego contacted reservation holders to pass along news that its diminutive electric has received the EPA's badge of approval. The automaker also released this brief statement detailing the LiFe's current status:
We're now awaiting final approval from National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to begin shipping cars to our reservation holders and dealers. We've passed the tests and submitted the paperwork - just waiting for the 'OK.'
Production of the Wheego LiFe has been underway for some time now and the automaker had hoped to deliver some of its electric hatches to dealers by month's end. However, with December nearly over, it now looks like deliveries will start in 2011.

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