Andros ice-racing electric machines will participate in Grand Prix de Pau

There have been many a Grand Prix de Pau since the original one was held way back in 1901, but this summer's event will be the first ever to feature racing machines powered purely by electrons. It's been announced that the Exagon-built cars currently competing in the Trophée Andros will make the switch from slippery snow-covered race tracks to the grippy asphalt of the street circuit in the historic city of Pau this coming May 20th weekend.

There aren't yet many details available concerning the "1st Electric Grand Prix of Pau," including who the participating drivers will be. We are assuming that the drivetrains will remain the same, though we expect the little buggies to be shod with something other than snow tires. Although we have been enjoying the ice-racing season so far, we are certainly glad to have another reason to look forward to Spring.

[Source: Made in Motorsport | Image:Bernard Bakalian/Pascal Saivet]

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