Shortage of mechatronics engineers still causing problems for automakers

Automakers and suppliers on the hunt for trained mechatronics engineers are finding that it's still difficult to locate qualified individuals. Jerry Klarr, director of North American hybrid programs for AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc. in Detroit, MI, states that his firm is:
Being a lot more aggressive to recruit these people because it is very competitive. There is definitely a shortage out there of people with the right experience.
Likewise, Tata Technologies is seeking 200 trained engineers to fill open spots, but the company doesn't expect to come upon many qualified individuals. General Motors is looking to hire 1,000 engineers, but it will have to fiercely compete with other companies hoping to swoop up the skilled workers.

Bernard Swiecki, senior project manager at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, MI, anticipates that the shortage of engineers will become more severe when the U.S. Department of Energy dishes out an additional $17 billion in loans for the development of fuel-efficient vehicles. So, if you've got the skill set, then it looks like automakers are almost willing to go toe-to-toe to fight over you.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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