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We wish we were kidding. We really do. It's not anywhere near April 1st yet, and the reports seem to be true: Paris Hilton – yes, that Paris Hilton – is launching her own motorcycle racing team.

How on Earth did we arrive at such a situation, you ask? The deal apparently stems from a – sigh – "dance party series" (whatever the heck that is) called SuperMartxé VIP. She of the constant "wardrobe malfunctions" lends her name and likeness to the series, which has now embarked on title sponsorship of a MotoGP team. According to reports, when the celebrity heiress was approached with a licensing agreement, she got so excited that she bought into the team to become a part owner.

Fortunately, Hilton won't be riding the racing bikes herself. Or actually running the team, for that matter. Those tasks fall to the hands of By Queroseno Racing, its technical director Ricard Jové and its riders Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales. Paris will, however, be appearing at five of the MotoGP 125cc races in which the team will be competing in the upcoming season. Seriously, we're couldn't make this stuff up.

[Source: MotoGP via The New York Times | Image: Michael Tran/FilmMagic.com]

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