Subcompact sales fail to impress; Ford Fiesta and Chevy Aveo selling similarly

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Despite the wave of all-new compact and subcompact fighters hitting the market right now, sales of small cars in the U.S. don't appear to be budging much. According to, models like the much-hyped Ford Fiesta are struggling to do much better than their older, stale counterparts at other automakers. So far, the Fiesta is number four in sales in the subcompact segment, falling well behind the Nissan Versa with 6,724 sales in November, the Honda Fit with 4,180 units and the Hyundai Accent at 4,052. In fact, Ford only managed to move 3,473 Fiesta units – just a hair above the 3,262 soon-to-be-replaced Chevrolet Aveo vehicles that rolled off of dealer lots last month.

Fortunately, the news is a little better for larger vehicles like the Chevrolet Cruze. General Motors managed to sell 8,066 of its small sedans in the vehicle's first full month on the market, and a total of 8,955 new-for-2011 Volkswagen Jetta models found homes during the second to last month of the year as well. Even the aged Ford Focus saw its sales jump by 27 percent to 13,030 in November thanks in no small part to an aggressive incentive program.

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