Coda Sedan battery pack – Click above to watch video after the jump

Coda Automotive wheeled out its electric Sedan at the LA Auto Show in mid-November. While Sean Blankenship, the automaker's senior vice president of marketing, was busy telling us how the Sedan's "production adjustment" was a good thing, Phil Gow, Coda's battery guru, was knee deep in discussing the vehicle's high-tech lithium-ion power source.

Gow was quick to point out that battery size is significant, telling Plugin Cars that, "It was very important to us to have the largest practical battery so that people could have the maximum possible range." Gow emphasized that the Sedan's 34 kWh li-ion pack offers nearly 40 percent more capacity than other electric vehiclesincluding the Nissan Leaf – that are scheduled to hit the streets soon. As for the battery's thermal management abilities, Gow stated that the Sedan's active temperature system ensures that vehicle range is consistent regardless of weather conditions. Hop the jump to listen to guru Gow detail the Sedan's li-ion battery setup.

[Source: You Tube, Plugin Cars]

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