On December 8th, Calstart, in conjunction with UBI France, will host the 1st French-American EV Technology Forum and it's open to the general public. Execs from North American and French automotive companies will converge upon the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, CA to discuss the evolving automotive industry, focusing on the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and advanced battery technology

Key speakers at the EV Technology Forum include: Russell Vare, Nissan North America; El Khamis Kadiri, PSA Peugeot-Citroen; Scott Pajtas, Michelin Corporation; Dan Schmidt, Dow Kokam; Joel Danroc, CEA Laboratories; Odile De Chalender, INRETS Research Institute; Philippe Pierre, IFP Nouvelles.

When the forum discussion concludes, one-on-one meetings with execs from the French companies will proceed. If discussing EVs and their associated technologies interests you, then hit up Calstart's site to register for the event and don't forget to schedule some exclusive one-on-one time with the companies on hand.

[Source: Calstart]

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