Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), makers of some mighty fine computer processors, recently installed three Coulomb ChargePoint stations at its offices in the city of Austin, TX. Though no AMD employee at the Austin "Lone Star" complex currently drives a plug-in vehicle, several have expressed an interest in buying one soon. To entice its workers to consider a battery-powered ride, AMD has vowed to foot the bill associated with charging up any employee's plug-in vehicle.
AMD's global sustainability manager, Justin Murill, spoke of the company's pro-active approach, stating:
We wanted to have these charging stations so that our employees could have the confidence to seriously consider an electric vehicle purchase.
Installing the three ChargePoint stations reportedly costs a total of $31,000, but AMD should be eligible to receive a 50 percent federal tax credit for its purchase. The company plans to install additional chargers at its offices in Sunnyvale, CA early next year.

[Source: Statesman]

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