Lingenfelter Camaro dips into the eights – Click above to watch video after the jump

Prepare to have your concept of the laws of physics twisted by the guys and gals at Lingenfelter. The crew have turned their attention to building one of the meanest full-interior, fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro drag cars on the planet. In order to hustle 4,075 pounds of General Motors muscle down the track, Lingenfelter has dropped in a fully built LS9 V8 with an Eaton supercharger and all the guts to match. The heads were fully ported and loaded with titanium intake valves and hollow, sodium-filled exhaust valves for the easiest breathing possible. Throw in a set of long-tube headers, a two-stage nitrous system and twin fuel pumps and you've got a lump good for a mind-boggling 1,243 horsepower.

Lingenfelter has unsurprisingly ditched the stock clutch in favor of an RPS triple carbon piece, and a unique 9.5-inch billet rear differential with a 4.10 gear puts power to both rear wheels.

By some miracle of driving prowess, John Ebert was able to wrestle this machine down the quarter mile in 8.99 seconds at 158 mph. Hit the jump to watch it happen.

[Source: Inside Line]

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