Bill Cosby discusses his Shelby Super Snake – Click above to listen to audio after the jump

"Ladies and gentleman, I was idling... I was idling... the car had not moved, I had not put my foot on the gas pedal... and it was killing people..." - Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby and Carroll Shelby are friends. The builder of racecars once asked his comedian pal why he drove Ferraris and insisted that he switch to American built sports cars. Cosby took Shelby up on this offer and was soon the proud owner of a Shelby Cobra Super Snake. It's claimed that the output on the Super Snake was 462 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque, which is probably a bit more than the lightweight racer actually needs.

Bill Cosby apparently agreed with this notion, as he turned the story of the Cobra into a skit named "200 MPH." His description of the Super Snake's delivery is hilarious. During an appearance on The Tonight Show in more recent years, Jay Leno prodded the Cos to tell the Cobra story for the audience as well. What ensued was an impromptu version of "200 MPH" that might actually be even funnier than the original routine. You can judge for yourself. Both are posted after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Luke!

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"200 MPH"

Cosby on The Tonight Show

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