Yesterday, the Chevrolet Volt drove off with the 2011 Green Car of the Year Award at the LA Auto Show and, in some small way, rung in the start of the electric era. With the dominance of gasoline- and diesel-fueled rides ebbing bit by bit and plug-in vehicles slowly emerging, it's now time for some of us car guys to consider accessorizing for an electric future.
Plug In America's (PIA) site and, in particular, its just-launched Accessory Tracker page, lists common add-ons that many buyers of electric vehicles will find essential in the years ahead. From electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), to fast-charge systems, right on down to advanced software that provides turn-by-turn directions to the nearest charging stations, it's all there on PIA's site. The Accessory Tracker page also provides make/model info, lists the type of add-on, gives a brief description of each item, provides an associated image and even displays pricing, when available. It's a comprehensive, go-to place to find accessories for your plug-in ride. So, what are you waiting for? Go to it.

[Source: Plug In America via EVs and Energy]

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