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We can't seem to get enough of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos. The skill and exactness necessary to entertain us for but a few minutes of magical drifting confounds us, but the formula that leads to success for Block and his crew comes down to plenty of practice and preparation. And if practice is needed to create a few well-planned stunts, just imagine how much work goes into competing in Rally GB. As this post-jump video proves, even Ken Block can lose control.

In the footage, Block is, along with co-driver Alex Gelsomino, testing his Ford Focus RS rally car at the M-Sport proving grounds in some pretty inhospitable conditions. The dirt trail is covered with a few inches of slush, while the surrounding terra firma is coated with a hefty helping of snow. Block's in-car camera shows the world-class driver slicing and dicing through the challenging course with relative ease until... well, until he loses control. Hit the jump to watch the video yourself. The incident occurs at about 1:45 into the clip, followed by a second shot at the carnage courtesy of a second camera mounted to the driver side rear quarter panel. Thankfully, it appears both driver and navigator were uninjured and the team lived to race another day – with another car.

[Source: YouTube]

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