It seems that not a day goes by when some city in China, or even the country as a whole, doesn't boast about its grand electric vehicle (EV) plans and last Friday was no exception. That's when Shenzhen vice-mayor, Tang Jie, speaking at the C40 Hong Kong Workshop, revealed the city's battery-powered dreams. Jie spoke of Shenzhen entering a "mature" development period and said that the city, after 30 years of rapid growth, is now ready for a low-carbon future:
The city is trying to become more low-carbon through expanding public transportation, constructing environment-friendly buildings, lowering investments in energy-consuming sectors, and encouraging residents to live and consume in a low-carbon way.
Jie explained that, on the automotive front, Shenzhen will have charging stations installed across the city and that they will lay the foundation for the adoption of battery-powered vehicles. The vice-mayor insists that the number of registered EVs citywide will hit – ready for this? – 35,000 within three years. We find this goal to be ambitious, but given that Shenzhen's population has soared to nearly nine million, we think it might be plausible. Isn't it?

[Source: China Daily]

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