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When you're to be the first journalist ever to get the chance to drive the rare X-Prize-winning prototype Peraves E-Tracer, what's the one thing you don't want to do? That's right, dump it. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to the LA Times' Susan Carpenter last week at Toyota Speedway. You see, driving on two wheels in a reclined position without being able to put your feet down isn't intuitively easy since you can't shift your weight and have to depend on counter-steering inputs to keep yourself upright. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it.

So, when Miss Carpenter got the bright yellow machine moving and lifted up the retractable outriggers wheels, it promptly fell over. Fortunately, the Peraves crew had affixed a special set of training wheels to the cabin motorcycle to keep it from leaning over past 20 degrees. Unfortunately, after saving the $500,000 machine from acquiring scratches from the first incident, it was determined that they wouldn't hold up to any future use. So, the test drive turned into a test ride.

Fine by us, since we weren't the ones suffering the embarrassment. Also, it allowed for an informative conversation to take place with Peraves CEO Roger Riedener, who expertly manned the controls. The incident, with the conversation, was all nicely recorded on video and awaits your scrutiny after the break.

[Source: Peraves via Hell For Leather]

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