Few driving games have the kind of cult following of Gran Turismo. But though less than two years separated the release of the original to the first sequel, and from that to Gran Turismo 3, it took four years for Polyphony to follow up with Gran Turismo 4. Still, that's nothing compared to the wait we've been forced to endure to Gran Turismo 5.

Quite possibly the most highly-anticipated driving game ever released, we've been waiting on it for years, with only a couple of updates (like the PS3-ized GT4 HD and the GT5 Prologue) and a constant stream of conjecture to keep us interested in the meantime. Sony and Polyphony swear it'll be here any day now, but while we grow tired of keeping our fingers crossed, reports are already looking further down the road.

That's right, while GT5 isn't even out the door yet, reports are emerging on the development of GT6. Speaking with Kazunori Yamauchi – the driving force behind the franchise pictured above – AutoWeek asked if work had already begun on the sixth installment. Yamauchi confirmed that they're working on it, but would say no more. All we can say is that it likely won't be here for some time to come, and who knows what cars will even look like by then.

[Source: AutoWeek | Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty]

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