Allow us to start by saying that we love high-performance hatchbacks and wagons as much as the next auto-obsessed goon. Heck, we still go all gooey-kneed when we lay eyes on a Lexus IS300 SportCross, but the rumors dusting up over the next-generation M3 have us a little uneasy. According to Inside Line and M3Post, BMW may be looking to replace the slow-selling M3 sedan with a new GT body style. That means that designers are looking to spread the funky lines of the 5-Series Gran Turismo to other models in the company's stable, including as a replacement for the disappointingly slow-selling M3 sedan.
With that high-revving V8 likely on its way out the door in favor of a turbocharged I6 and the threat of the 5-Series GT's design spreading to the company's holiest of holy high performance models, we've got to wonder exactly where there decision makers at BMW have their heads lodged. We've got our guesses.

Inside Line has gone so far as to work up a few renderings of what the M3 Quasimodo edition might look like. It's worth heading over there to check out the full-size pieces for the full (rendered) effect. Thanks for the tip, Tim!

[Sources: Inside Line, M3Post]

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