Chrysler offers FLO TV, a service that can beam live television into passenger vehicles, to car owners through its Mopar division, for $629 plus installation. Pretty cool tech, but Chrysler has a problem on its hands. FLO TV is owned by Qualcomm and the mobile technology giant has decided to shut down the television network.

This could be a major issue for people who just shelled out several hundred dollars to have the system installed in their Pentastar products. The automaker has since stopped selling the system in its dealerships but it plans to keep existing customers happy. How is it going to do that? Not even Chrysler knows the answer to that question just yet.

The automaker is working with the service provider to determine how best to go about shuttering the network, and Chrysler will move forward from there. The FLO TV package was offered on eight 2010 models and a few select 2011 models. Mobile TV buyers could choose between the Qualcomm service or one offered by Sirius. A total of 825 people opted for FLO TV. Sirius TV customers are unaffected.

[Source: USA Today, The Detroit News]

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