We don't need to tell you that automakers are constantly searching for the next iconic design. It's why we continue to see a rash of retro looks despite manufacturers having an army of incredibly talented artists on their staff. But what makes a car strike a chord with the public that continues to resonate through time? Robert Cumberford over at Automobile has set about an in-depth design analysis of the 1964 ½ Ford Mustang. While you may know that the original design for the car came from a General Motors employee, did you know that there are design elements borrowed from the likes of Lincoln, Pontiac and MG worked into the finished product?

Yeah, neither did we.

Cumberford's look at the pony leaves no stone unturned and helps explain why, even now, nearly 50 years after the car hit the scene, it's still one of the most beloved designs of the American automotive industry. Head over to Automobile to read the full piece and check out the point-by-point illustrations.

[Source: Automobile]

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