The members of Imperial Stars – Click above to watch video after the jump

There are plenty of ways to make a name for yourself in the music world. You could have Kanye West steal the spotlight from you during an awards ceremony, start a blood feud with another group of artist or, if you're really desperate, stop traffic on a major interstate and force unsuspecting commuters to listen to your questionable lyrics. That's exactly what the Westminister, California-based group Imperial Stars went for yesterday. The trio of self-described "hardcore hip hop" artists parked a box truck across three lanes of traffic on I-101, jumped on top of the vehicle and began rocking out.

The driver of the truck allegedly left the scene in another vehicle with the keys, forcing responding police officers to call a tow truck to remove the impromptu stage. According to The Orange County Register, police began getting calls about the road hazard at 10:20 and traffic quickly backed up to I-401. The three members of Imperial Stars were charged with unlawful assembly.

Before the stunt, the band released a YouTube video for its song "Traffic Jam 101." Judging from that performance, we're hoping the responding officers to Tuesday's stunt were awarded hazard pay. Hit the jump to see footage from the freeway and one incredibly bad music video.

[Source: Orange County Register]

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