A big part of Ford's recent successes can be attributed to the "One Ford" mantra CEO Allan Mulally instituted early on. But while the program may be a recipe for success, speculation stemming from Mulally's comments at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show left some wondering if the next Ford Falcon would one day share a front-wheel drive platform with the Taurus.

RWD-loving Australians Down Under shuttered at the thought of a front-drive Falcon, but Drive reports that comments by Mulally at the Paris Motor Show may calm those fears. The Ford CEO acknowledged that rear drive vehicles still have a rock-solid business case, adding that the automaker would continue to make vehicles that customers want, "starting with you (Australians)."

Mulally didn't specifically state that the Mustang and Falcon would one day share a platform, but several hints indicate the move is very possible. Mulally insisted that rear-wheel drive platforms will be global in the future, adding "we love our rear-wheel drive platforms and we love Mustang, and they're global platforms."

And this isn't the first we've heard about the Falcon and Mustang sharing a rear drive platform. Way back in January Motor Trend cited inside sources at Ford who said the next Mustang would house an independent suspension under it's boot. Those same sources claimed that the Falcon and an unnamed RWD Lincoln would share that platform.

[Source: Drive]

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