Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), a distributor of electricity to more than 138,000 customers, will install 18 additional Coulomb ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations to service electric vehicles (EVs) in and around the Dane County, WI area. Once installed, Dane County, home to more than 490,000 people, will have 24 operational charging stations.
Coulomb Technologies' Midwest distributor, Carbon Day Automotive, has teamed up with MGE to provide the chargers as part of a test project that includes free public use of all charging units installed in the area. The new Level II chargers will be funded by a grant issued by the Department of Energy. Exact locations for each of the 18 additional chargers are yet to be determined, but MGE anticipates that most of them will find a home in 10 of the most highly trafficked areas of the county. MGE anticipates that EVs will one day become commonplace and hopes that its test project will help the company gain the knowledge needed to eventually create an infrastructure capable of supporting EVs on a grand level.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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