Xenatec shows limousines the door with Maybach coupe conversion

Maybach 57 S Coupe by Xenatec – Click above for image gallery

If you want a big luxury coupe – and we do mean big and luxurious – Bentley and Rolls-Royce would be glad to hook you up with a Brooklands or Phantom Coupe. But Maybach would be left shrugging their shoulders. That's where Xenatec comes in. Back in May the German coachbuilder announced a partnership with Maybach to turn the über-Benz into a two-door coupe, details of which have just been released.

To turn the four-door limousine into a two-door coupe, Xenatec solicited the pen of one Fredrink Burchhardt. Don't recognize the name? Burchhardt was the same talent behind Maybach's last foray into coupedom with the high-speed, one-off Exelero. Xenatec and Burchhardt started with the Maybach 57 S and fitted new side panels, fenders, bumpers and replaced four doors with two longer ones. They also chopped down the roof and raked the windshields front and back at a steeper angle. But while the body and interior have been modified, the running gear hasn't, so the existing 612-horsepower twin-turbo V12 carries over unchanged.

Only 100 examples of the Xenatec Maybach coupe will be produced, each built to order to the buyer's specifications. That means just about any of the Maybach saloon's features can be specified, as can a glass roof, 20 or 21-inch wheels, or – drawing from Xenatec's background in ballistic protection – even armor plating. But don't think for even a second that it won't cost you, and cost you dearly, with a list price of 675,000 euros. Details in the press release after the jump, with a fresh crop of images in the gallery below.

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XENATEC Coupé - based upon the Maybach 57 S

XENATEC is proud to announce the launch of the XENATEC Coupé built by the Karosserie Manufaktur Weinsberg - a division of XENATEC Group - in cooperation with Maybach.

Created in 2002, the Maybach is undoubtedly one of the finest cars ever built. A powerful combination of state of the art technology, superior driving performance and opulent use of the finest materials places the Maybach in a league of its own.

Based upon the Maybach 57 S limousine, this dynamic interpretation of driver-oriented luxury sets new standards in terms of exclusivity – only 100 units will be built by hand in Germany for discerning enthusiasts worldwide, and will be offered at an ex-Works price of 675,000 excluding taxes.

The XENATEC Coupé was designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, creator of the dramatic Exelero (a joint Maybach and Fulda Tyre Company project in 2004-2005), to surpass the highest expectations - fulfilling the needs of those who prefer to savour the Maybach experience from the driver's seat, enjoying the thrill of being at the helm of a high-performance flagship for the discerning connoisseur. A technical masterpiece offering uncompromised comfort together with ample space and superior agility.

The evolution from limousine to coupé has involved major changes to bodywork and interior, but none to the drivetrain - and to the already impressive performance - of the Maybach 57 S upon which the XENATEC Coupé is based.

In November 2009, XENATEC Group acquired the Special Purpose Vehicles Division of the renowned ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer concern in Weinsberg, Germany. Located near the birthplace of Wilhelm Maybach, this is home to a passionate team of experts.

Perpetuating the centennial tradition of ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer, this highly specialised company designs and produces bespoke vehicles such as armoured limousines and individual luxury automobiles for VIP clients. Moreover, XENATEC supplies automotive OEM clients with a broad range of white-metal components for specialised vehicles, as well as building prototypes and test vehicles for several German car manufacturers.

Drawing upon this vast reservoir of experience, XENATEC has designed and engineered the transformation of the highly exclusive Maybach 57 S limousine into an exciting and even more exclusive luxury coupé.

Every single car will be built to individual customer specification and handcrafted in Germany. The opportunities for personalisation, even extending to armouring the car, are almost boundless.

Compared to the Maybach 57 S limousine, major changes have been made to the immensely strong bodywork, which has been completely redesigned and engineered and features new doors allowing for easy access to the rear passenger compartment.

The windscreen and rear screen are more steeply raked for a sporty silhouette, lowering the roofline without compromising passenger comfort. A full glass roof can be fitted if desired, as can almost all other options available for the Maybach 57 S.

The doors and side panels as well as the front and rear fenders are new, as are the front and rear bumpers. Rear track is increased by 20 mm, and the standard 20-inch wheels allow for a marvellously supple ride whilst the optional 21-inch wheels sharpen handling to sports car levels - bringing the Maybach experience to the driver's seat.

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