Whether the cretin responsible for flattening the grille of your mint Isuzu Impulse left a note or not, the damage wrought on your vehicle is going to require repair. DentBetty streamlines the traditional pain-in-the-tuchas process of traipsing around to various body shops to get estimates for cosmetic repairs. Any incident that results in structural damage still requires a firsthand look by body professionals, but cosmetic damage is a very common annoyance that many people forgo repairing due to the aggravation.

DentBetty is up and running in California, Massachusetts and New York, with a total of about 120 participating shops so far. Vehicle owners can visit the DentBetty website and upload at least two photos of their car's damage. Participating repair facilities will then respond with estimates. The web-based form also asks whether the repair will be paid for by insurance or personally, and both users and shops are rated, so feedback scores can factor in to the decision-making process. It's a nice insulator between you and the repair facility; DentBetty doesn't share your email with the shops, and you're not asked for credit card information, either. Eventually, the DentBetty service will be branched out to SMS messaging, and a smartphone app doesn't sound like much of a stretch, either.
[Source: Mashable.com]

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