Paris 2010: Renault Dezir concept is wild, twisted beauty

Renault Dezir concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Don't let anyone tell you that Renault can't do a concept car. The French manufacturer pulled the sheets back on its all-electric Dezir at this year's Paris Motor Show, and the concept is as sexy as it is absurd. Designers took a stab in an all-new direction with a pair of reverse-hinged butterfly doors that are the epitome of awesome. Likewise, the ultra-wide stance and aluminum sideblades are our kind of flashy. As you might expect, this concept makes use of a fittingly-futuristic powertrain. Renault says that under all of that curvy sheet metal there's a full EV drivetrain on hand.

Surprisingly enough, there isn't supercar-rivaling power on hand, though. The company puts the Dezir final horsepower figure at around 150 ponies and 166 pound-feet of torque – not exactly e-tron rivaling numbers. Even so, the concept is said to be able to dart to around 60 mph in just shy of five seconds. Check it out in our high-res image galleries below.

Paris 2010: Renault Dezir Concept
Paris 2010: Renault Dezir Concept
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Live photos by Drew Phillips, Zach Bowman / AOL

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