Volvo C30 electric crash test – Click above to watch video after the jump

Watching a vehicle undergo a crash test is a real eye-opener. Not only do these destructive demonstrations show us how well vehicles can handle collisions (or not), but they also remind us that driving can be incredibly dangerous. Hitting an upright pole at a mere 30 miles per hour in Volvo's C30 electric vehicle (EV) concept could result in some serious bodily injury, as the crash video above shows us, but this particular example also reveals something else.

Volvo's C30 EV crash test video shows us that, although a severe frontal impact would render the car a totalled wreck, the vehicle's battery pack appears to have suffered no noticeable damage. Now, it's not like Volvo is trying to imply that the battery survived the ordeal in working order, but the video clearly shows that the integrity of the potentially dangerous li-ion unit remained intact. Hit the jump to watch the destruction and pay particular attention to the battery pack (highlighted in green) as it survives the assault virtually unscathed.

[Source: You Tube]

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