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Nissan's battery-powered Leaf will enter limited production by year's end, but global sales and mass production are still a ways off. The input gleaned from early adopters and the carefully crafted delay before mass production begins will provide Nissan with precious information and time to perfect the Leaf. Not that it needs perfecting, but as with any innovative product, modifications or at least some slight tweaks may be necessary.

With that said, it's not at all surprising to discover that Nissan reportedly plans a light facelift and some modest improvements Leaf before it enters production in the UK in 2013. Changes for the UK-built Leaf may include a freshened exterior (revised front/rear fascia and minor sheetmetal variations) and a modified interior. Nothing here that will make the European-built models drastically different than the Leaf we know so well, but a little something for future enthusiasts to be aware of when they play plug-in vehicle trivia.

[Source: Autocar]

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