According to the BBC, Jimi Heselden, the CEO of Hesco Bastion, was killed on Sunday, September 26 when he apparently rode his Segway off of a cliff and into a river. Hesco Bastion sells Segway self-balancing scooters in the UK market.
According to the story, police were called after reports came in that a man had fallen into a wharf in West Yorkshire. Heselden and a "Segway-type device" were found in the water, and the scooter mogul was pronounced dead at the scene. Heselden made his fortune in the manufacturing sector and founded his corporation in the tough neighborhood where he grew up.

Heselden was also a generous philanthropist, donating a total of 23 million to various charities during his life. Earlier this month, the 62-year-old businessman donated 10 million to a Leeds community organization. The BBC quoted a spokesperson for Hesco Bastion as saying Heselden will be remembered both for his generosity and his pride in the Leeds area. Thanks to everyone for the tips.

[Source: BBC]

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