Chinese-based Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) is looking to strike a three-way lithium-ion battery deal with Samsung SDI and Robert Bosch GmbH. The trio is reportedly in advanced discussions and there are only a few minor details left to work out. Bosch executive vice president Roland Ehniss told Reuters that, "We are in the final stage." The joint venture is apparently eying a li-ion battery production site somewhere in China and hopes to start production by 2012.

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reports that such a tie up would put the trio of companies in a head-to-head battle with Chinese automaker BYD Auto, a company with ambitious battery-powered dreams of its own. SAIC could benefit from the joint venture by gaining access to a cheaper battery supply and driving down prices of its planned hybrids and electric vehicles. Of course, Bosch and Samsung will benefit as well. Both companies will gain access to a blooming automotive market that's expected to embrace electric vehicles powered primarily by li-ion batteries.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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