Ben "The Stig" Collins planning Top Gear rival?

Remember when any hint of the identity of the vaunted Stig was news? Even after Ben Collins outed himself as the mysterious super driver it took a few days before we truly believed that the biggest secret in British television had been spoiled. Judging by recent comments made by Jeremy Clarkson, we're starting to think there's little chance we'll ever see the Stig again on Top Gear, but that doesn't mean Collins is out of television for good.
The UK's Telegraph reports that the former driver-in-white is fielding several offers to host his own show in the near future. Of course, Collins isn't quite ready to spill details about his future plans, but he reportedly did mention that he wants to have a show with riskier stunts than what we're used to seeing on Top Gear. In fact, Collins even managed to take a completely unveiled shot at Jezza by saying that the main man at TG "doesn't have that kind of respect for people behind the scenes.

Until a show officially materializes, Collins plans to cash in on his book about the show, followed perhaps by a bit of fiction writing. Meanwhile, Top Gear will likely be hard at work finding the next Stig, though we're guessing the show's producers won't bite on Collins' idea to do a "Who wants to be The Stig" reality show, if only because the former Stig thought of it.

[Source: Telegraph]

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